Alex lives in Inverclyde on the West Coast of Scotland

He is a self taught turner and woodworker and is a member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain. He volunteers at an after school club in a local High School teaching woodturning to secondary pupils. Alex also started Inverclyde Woodturning Club in 2017 getting woodturners in the local area together on a weekly basis.

He takes his inspiration for his turnings from the natural beauty of the wood he is using. Although starting with a rough idea of the direction of a particular item, this may change part way through turning as some aspect of the grain or texture of the wood becomes clear.

Alex seldom uses imported timber unless it has been reclaimed from old furniture or buildings. Most of the wood he uses is locally sourced from trees which have been felled during land clearance or for safety reasons. The wood then goes through several processes before being used for any of the artwork.

Some items are created from driftwood found on the beaches around Inverclyde.